What is app/software ?

A software is a group of various programs and collection of data in the form of instructions given to computer which tells computer to How to work. A computer system is simply a Hardware.



Software is necessary for making a connection between Human beings and computer.

An operating system is also a kind of software that creates a connection between Human and computer. But the main work of Operating system is to handle the various different tasks and actions in computer. Operating system is also very necessary for running a software inside the computer.

A software is just collection of various different programs. The different programs are coded in such a way that, The software should be created. Various programming languages are used for creating and developing softwares. Each programming language have it’s different features.

Types of software :

i) System software : System software includes those softwares and programs which are developed for managing the computer system itself. System software includes Disk Operating System (DOS), Disk management utilities and Operating system.  A system software is very necessary for running the computer system properly. Without being a system software, it is not easy to use computer system.

Disk management utilities, Operating systems are the common examples of System softwares. This softwares are inbuilt with the Operating system. Hence, This software’s work properly with OS.

ii) Application software : This softwares are also called as Productivity softwares because this softwares help users to perform their task on PC. Tasks like creating documents, doing online research and work, designing, video editing, graphics designing, sending emails and everything we do on our computer by downloading applications. Playing Games is also an example of Application software.

Google Chrome, Microsoft word processor, Clean master are some of the application software’s. This softwares in windows are installed as “.exe” file, while in mac, it is installed using extension “.mgt”.

How software is created ?

As software is a collection of various programs. So, Programs are created with the help of programming language. A programming language is a collection of codes and instructions which gives the order to the computer on our Behalf.

Different programming languages have different features. Every programming language is necessary for different tasks and different actions. Which helps the developers to create the required software. A software is created using the collection of various different codes and their collection.

Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby, Bootstrap are the popular one programming languages used in the development of a software. Each programming language have it’s different functions, This helps programmers to develop a proper software.

How a software works ?

When we request our computer for any data, then our request through the input unit like Keyboard, Mouse is sent to the Central Processing Unit (CPU). A cpu processes the data provided by input unit and with the help of processor, ram and with storage unit, CPU makes the all required Output and this output is sent to the Output unit like Monitor and Sound.

In this way, The software works. The inter-work of the software is all done by the storage unit and processor.

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